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Exceptional water starts at the source

Private Spring Water is the leading national supplier of Premium Custom Labeled Spring Water.  Optimizing time and resources, we have plants located in California and Pennsylvania, making us the number one choice for premier resorts, hotels, and retailers throughout the country and the Bahamas.


Our plant in Pennsylvania has bottled water at the source since 1927. This water source flows from the Penobscot Ridge Mountains in the Lackawanna State Forest of Pennsylvania, a majestic area with exceptional water quality and taste.


Private Spring Water’s California plant sources from both Baxter Springs in Northern California and the ancient springs of the great Palomar Mountain in San Diego County, California.


Baxter Springs, located 4,500 feet up in the pristine Northern California Sierra Nevada Mountains, has been producing spring water for 150 years. This rich natural spring produces thousands of gallons of water daily, with consistently outstanding clarity and quality, and a refreshing taste.


The protected Palomar Mountain towers high above Northern San Diego County. High in elevation and generous in annual precipitation, this source produces a rich amount of clean, high quality water that’s hard to beat. Palomar Spring water is naturally alkaline, pure H2O.

Interested in enhanced water? We offer that too!

Private Spring Water offers a variety of water types for our customers. Choose from:

Sparkling, Purified, Spring, Mineral Enhanced, Vitamin Enhanced, Flavored, Alkaline, and De-Ionized Water

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2017 NSF Report for

Baxter Springs

2017 Title 21 Report for

Palomar Springs

2017 NSF Report for

3 Springs Water Company LLC.

Below are title 21 reports for some of our springs